Pirates Alley 1981- St Ann- Marc E. Boy

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3 piece Limited edition set. 3- 1 ML samples. Fat Tuesday 2/28/17

Pirates Alley 1981- We visited PawPaw down in St Tammany Parish. Moss and swamp water permeate my dress. Chairs were put out for the visitors, "the shadow people" Justine said.

Notes: Spanish Moss, Sweet Orange Cloves, Fern and Swamp Water

St Ann- February 26,1986. Mom said it was her last drink. She is seeing spirit shadows again.

Notes: Magnolia Graniflora, Rum, Patchouli, Watered Down Ice

Marc E. Boy- Uncle Marc came back. He said he was seeing ghosts again in Cypress Grove off city park ave. He ruined his suede shoes for the Angel.

Notes: Suede, Bay Clove, Musk & Vanilla